d2d round 4: PAndemania!

best of the fest! 

virtual screening hosted by zebulon LA

june 24-july 1

$12 per program or 2 for $20 (plus fees)
Films viewable 24/7 throughout the week — 
Watch at your own leisure!


Alone Together — Brigitte Fässler, William Bejedi

Collective Loss – Alyssa Thompson

This is for you all. This is for the world. — Caterina Campo

Space Stood Still – Janssen Herr, Maria Pilar,
Abaurrea Zardoya

This Far Apart — T.M.Rives & A.M.Lucaciu

De-Eschatology — Charly Santagado, Eriel Santagado

Portal – Hannah Westbrook

Untitled – Sam McReynolds 

when it gets like this — Zoe Rappaport

After One Month — Rachelle Scott

Apomonosii — Alexandria Theodore, Darrel 'Friidom' Dunn, Katrina Amante

Collective Consciousness —  Cristina Benedetti

No Longer With Me — Lam Nguyen

X & O — Jody Oberfelder

Isolation Miniature — Jamiel Laurence

The Minute You Panic — Hanna-Mari Ojala

Solititude — Hanna-Mari Ojala

#FreeBelarus —  Olga Rabetskaya
I WANT TO LIE IN THIS VERY SUN— Matilda Mackey, Art Davison

On Isolation and Confinement — Telmo Branco
Smokestack Lightning — Charissa Kroeger & Eric Schloesser

Near Perfect Synchronization — Benjamin Seroussi


Train Train — Benjamin Seroussi

Virus — Nauris Buksevics

Proclamation — Sam McReynolds

Untitled — Romy Reckers

Pack Light — Subastian Tan

when it gets like this — Zoe Rappaport

Naturally Alone — Laura Guy

Empty — Mayke van Veldhuizen

Rewind — Alessia Ruffolo

4th of Deny — Marta Renzi

Geister –  Tom McKenzie

Reset — Nicola Hepp

On Isolation and Confinement — Telmo Branco

Stay At Home — Tadhi Alawi

Remember Nature – Ana Van Tendeloo

Falling Up — Esther dganit zimmerman

Hic et Nunc — Emma Cianchi

Earth Odyssey - Asaf Avidan — Adi Halfin


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