Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival in collaboration with the Next Echo Foundation is inviting your donations to support dance and film artists' need to create, connect, and share their work during this difficult time in isolation.
D2D's newly launched initiative, SIX FOOT DISTANCE DANCES in which international dance filmmakers have been invited to create 1-minute films that explore issues of isolation has already received submissions from the Netherlands, Tanzania, Rwanda, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Russia, Canada, and the US.

Your generous tax deductible donations will go directly to D2D for awards to winning filmmakers
and to support the creation of D2D's new website.


and then EMAIL: daretodanceinpublic@gmail.com with your name and donation amount.
We will send you a letter acknowledging your donation.

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is a project of Next Echo Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Federal Tax ID number 82-2509232. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Checks can be made out to Next Echo Foundation, and sent to:
215 S. Santa Fe Ave., #19, Los Angeles, CA 90012.


Lindsay Albert
Susie Singer Carter
Lisa Chaput
Pat Darrin
Stephanie Sheinbach Dietz
Sarah Elgart
John de Fato
Sue Friedman
Marci Glassman Gollis
Stephen Glassman
Global Dance Initiative
GTA Talent Agency
Liz Levitt Hirsch
Kate Hutter
Zola Jane
Steve de Jarnatt
Matia Karrell
Debbie King
Heather Lowe
Anita Mann
Julie McDonald
Cathy O’Neill
Paul Oppenheim
Judith Pacht
Laury Rappaport
Steve Rappaport
Zoe Rappaport
Andy Rovins
Summer Scott Sexton
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